o Armenia where art thou?

what we have: serjik the cheburashka, sashik the 50%, galust de Balzac

what we want: Tigran the Dude

Tigran the Dude, where art thou, brother? We need you so much…


It is so, so, so very sad to think of what we have become. Great Armenia has become a neighbourhood of rats. So disgusting, so scornful. How come we fell this low? Reasons may vary but the result is the same. Same situatuin, different rats. It is just heartbreaking to see what has become the Empire of Tigran the Great. Sooo pathetic, so miserable… How come we allowed the rats control us and destroy this beautiful, great country.

Still waiting for hammer of justice to fall on their disgusting heads.

Tigran, man, do something please. O, wait. Maybe we should do something? O yea right.


Mash Mashok


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