Tattoos on the ears – a new trend

Many of us would be glad to make a tattoo, but social pressure or our own prejudices prevent us from doing this and the main reason for refusal of a tattoo is the opinion that in old age the drawing will look extremely non-aesthetic. However, the tattoo on the ear can create the perfect balance between boldness and grace, for such people. At the moment, the tattoo on the ear has gained unprecedented popularity and many have already acquired an original pattern on this place of the body.

Recently in the  Instagram became popular photo with the image of tattoos behind the ears and on the ears.

This kind of tattoo became known only a few years ago. A special fashion for such micro tattoos is observed in girls. By the way, many celebrities have the tattoo on the ear, for example, the American singer Rihanna.


So why did the tattoo behind the ears and on the ears become so popular? The answer is simple – they are laconic, elegant, do not attract unnecessary attention, if necessary they can be hidden under the hair.

Also, nowadays, this kind of natural painting is very original. If the skin of the body and face loses elasticity with age, then it is almost not noticeable on the ears, and therefore the image will be less deformed. Also, a tattoo on the ears does not require a binding to a particular style of clothing.


Снимок экрана 2016-04-18 в 15_41_18


Deciding on tattooing, it is worthwhile to know that colored tattoos on the ears have the property to fade with time, and in general, unlike soft spots, micro tattoos on the cartilage blur and disappear faster.

Tattoos behind the ears initially served as a supplement to the piercing. They seem to have finished the overall composition. Now the tattoo behind the ear is done, as a separate independent symbol.


Girls often make tattoos in the form of flowers, stars, hearts, initials of the namevarious miniature animals, insects.

Young people, unlike girls, most often make tattoos in the form of hieroglyphs, various kinds of skulls, swords and others.

There are also neutral images, for example, the sign of infinity, the image of the keys etc.




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