The Bare Minimum

NYC-MoMA-08005.jpgLiving in Armenia, we hardly ever get a glimpse of minimalism. We tend to follow the motto that more is more, instead of less is more. Our architecture, art, and lifestyles are hardly anything besides minimal or simple.

Minimalism can exist in many spheres, and up until recently I mainly associated it with art or architecture, but apparently you can follow a minimalist lifestyle as well.

In general terms, the concept of minimalism centers around simplicity, less in quantity and variety, and varying by degrees of necessity. More specifically, minimalism looks at the basics of life, the beauty of the simplicity instead of the overpowering aspects. Minimalism prefers the usage of neutral colors, such as grey, white, black, brown, or very little usage of color only if it is deemed necessary. In art and architecture, straight lines and concise angles are used, avoiding too many shapes or symbols.


Minimalist lifestyles are more difficult to define, since it may be different for everyone, but the general underlying purpose is the same for all. As a way of living, it suggests not looking into the material aspects of life, and focusing on the few things which make a person happy.

Minimalism does not propose you to restrict or deny yourself from certain pleasures, but choose the absolute “necessary” aspects and concentrate on the non-materialistic side of life. Some people go as far as to own only 100 or less items in their house to avoid unwanted clutter and attachment to their items. This is an interesting concept, but it may be difficult to maintain for everyone.

At the end of the day, each person chooses their path, but nonetheless there is certain logic in detaching yourself from material objects, which may lead a path to greater happiness. At least it is worth trying.


-Tatevik Kyurkchyan




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