The Most Unusual Church in the World


Of course, the concept of unusualness is quite stretchable depending on how a person understands the world or what he wants to see in this world. After all, you agree, we choose what to pay attention to, and what not. Someone sees around only devastation, debauchery, decline, and someone every day meets in miracles because he chose this way for himself.


Religion – has always been that sphere, which constantly evoked many questions, disputes and even bloodshed, which sometimes turned into wars. The most unusual church in the world, which you will see in the photo, in my humble opinion, is precisely the very idea of ​​faith. On the one hand, it seems something monolithic and solid, capable of giving protection in a stormy or windy minute.

1321982621_3.jpgBut look at everything from the other side, and your idea of ​​it will change. It will become something unreal, simply dissolving in the air, a phantom or an illusion. Although, as written in the Bible, “The wisdom of this world, there is madness before God.”

Agree that you need to be an ingenious architect to conceive such a building and find solutions that can translate the plan into reality.

This unique and most unusual church in the world is located in Belgium in Limburg.

Kristina Kotanjyan



















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