Al Pacino

A man who made himself a legend of the cinema from an unruly hooligan from the streets. Years of deprivations, failures and tests have formed a truly strong personality. It was to Al Pacino came Francis Coppola and invited him to play Michael Corleone. Over the years Coppola said that “Al Pacino was great from the first to the last frame.” And those who carefully looked at all three parts, it will be difficult to disagree with this.
But in this article I will not go into the acting career of Al Pacino. Now I want to tell you something that preceded his phenomenal achievements and that unconditional masculinity that allows him to easily join the role of unscrupulous hooligans and murderers.

5 Facts about Al Pacino’s biography

  1. From 1969 to 2016, Al Pacino played in 54 films
  2. Oscar Award: was nominated 8 times, won in the nomination “Best Actor” for the film “The Scent of a Woman” (1993).
  3. Al Pacino has never been married.
  4. Al Pacino has three children – Julia’s daughter Maria Pacino and twins Anton James and Olivia Rose.
  5. Al Pacino prefers to dress in black. Here’s what he said in this connection in an interview with the Daily Mail: “I wear black not because I’m a dark person or because I’m incredibly cool. The thing is that I’m still constantly giving myself something to myself. “





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