Capsule Hotel in Moscow

As I love Moscow so much, and I love to be there as a tourist, I want to write about one interesting hotel, that opened there. In Moscow, on the 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, the first capsular hotel opened in the capital. Rooms at the hotel are made of wood and plastic. Inside there are a bed, a shelf and several outlets, all amenities are located on the floor. Night in a single capsule will cost 2.9 thousand rubles, in boxing with a bunk bed – 2,6 thousand rubles. In 2009, Sheremetyevo airport already announced the opening of its capsule hotel, but the numbers there were not regular rooms, but rather looked like the cabins of a cruise liner, inside of which there is a toilet with a shower. Capsular hotels came up in Japan. The first was opened in 1979 in Osaka, and the largest one is in Tokyo and has 660 rooms. In 2012, the first capsule hotels appeared in China and Singapore. As a rule, in the capsule hotels of Japan spend tired people after work, who do not have the strength to travel home, as well as drunken citizens. In Japan, a night in a capsule hotel costs $ 20-40, i.е. 600-1200 rubles, if transferred to the Russian currency.




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