Is Smiling Important?

We hear this quote a lot “You are not fully dressed without a smile.” This quote says a lot actually, it is so important to smile because it is beneficial for you and for the people around you as well. If you smile, you will eventually feel happy even if you have a bad day or you are not in a good mood. Basically, your fake smile or real smile, can effect your inner world and your emotions. People around you will be happy as well because you are the one who is creating a positive atmosphere and they will be satisfied with the fact that you are with them. If you do not smile or if you are sad, however, you will hurt yourself and the people around you will get really annoyed, you will also spread the negativeness all around you. Anyhow, smile, because it can change your entire day and it can change other lives too. There is another quote that says “Smile, it is free” which is a very true saying. You do not put any extra effort to smile, it will not take your time too! It is a beneficial medicine. So smile, because it is good!


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