10 examples, how you can adjust the silhouette of clothing

Proper clothing can visually make us much slimmer. Sometimes you need to hide extra kilograms in a short time and there is no time to wait

for the actions of diets and gym.

Add a vertical line.

Prefer a multi-layered image and an elongated jacket. This visually makes it slimmer and taller. And pay attention to the arrangement of the buttons – they should be in one row. One row of buttons on a blouse or jacket slim.

Choose the right bra.

When the breast does not hold a form, it visually becomes a supplement to the stomach and attracts attention to it. A bra of suitable size will lift the chest and create a space between the chest and stomach.

Add a bright accent to the monochrome image.

Create an image in one color, and then add a bright detail: jacket, skirt or top. This is a great way to divert attention from problem areas.

Give preference to A-line dresses.

The trapezoidal silhouette (as in the 60s) without the forged and adjacent areas or dresses in the style of the 1920s of direct silhouette is what is needed to create an impeccable image.

Fasten your clothes properly.

Make sure that the buttons are at the most prominent point of the belly. If the buttoned part turns over the stomach, then the tummy, even a small one, will become more noticeable, and all attention will be accentuated on it.

Avoid light fabric.

Light fabric will produce irregularities and bends. Choose a preference for tight fabrics that will hold the figure like a corset. But it’s better to avoid fleecy or bunched fabrics that will only create an extra volume.

Do not fill the top.

When you top the top, you draw a clear border around the abdomen, which will attract attention to yourself. Wear them out and not in a tight fitting. The length should be just below the place where the stomach ends.

Choose the right bag.

Even the size of the bag can visually adjust the figure: take a large bag – and will look slimmer. Girls of small stature should give preference to bags of medium size.

Make a choice in favor of matte fabrics.

Shine always attracts attention and emphasizes every, even the smallest fold on the abdomen, so give preference to matte fabrics.

Look closely at blouses and dresses with a smell.

A style that will definitely help you out: he will not only hide his stomach, but will present the figure in the most favorable light and switch all attention to the chest.



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