Just one true reason for the engagement of the engagement ring is a diamond ring

Just one true reason for the engagement of the engagement ring is a diamond ring.

A young man stands in front of his chosen one on one knee, confesses love and … gives an engagement ring with a diamond. Why is it a diamond?

Until the 30s of the last century, no one, in general, exchanged rings with the engagement – and even more so decorated with such expensive stones.

To give the engagement ring diamond was invented by the international corporation De Beers, which exists until now and is engaged in the extraction and processing of diamonds. In the 1940s, De Beers launched an advertising campaign under the slogan “Diamonds are forever”, which made a real sensation and is still one of the most successful marketing campaigns in the history of advertising.

The main goal of De Beers was to emphasize in every way the uniqueness and exclusivity of diamonds. And although the purchase of such a ring was a good investment, advertising hinted the buyer that it is not worth it to sell at least for sentimental reasons – it is better to pass on to the next generations.

Still – the number of diamond mines increased, and if the owners of jewelry began to regularly resell their stones, it would eventually cause their depreciation in the market.

Huge investment was invested in advertising, and hundreds of influential actors, actresses and models urged people to buy diamonds. The campaign slogan was used as the title of the movie “Diamonds Forever” from the James Bond series, and the film was partially sponsored by De Beers. Everywhere sellers broadcast the same illusion – diamonds bring eternal love and they will never lose their value.

Many years have passed, and the image of diamonds as an ideal investment and symbol of love only grows stronger day by day. But, whatever one may say, love does not need such proofs as luxurious and expensive rings – it either is, or it is not, is not it?


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