The 10 most abnormal places on our planet

The world does not cease to surprise us. Every corner of the Earth has something incredible, which makes one believe in the wonders of even the most severe skeptics.

Magnetic Hills, India

Image result for Magnetic Hills, India

If you park the car at the foot of the hill and put it on a neutral gear, the car will start rolling back into the hill (on the rise). It seems that some invisible force is pulling it upward. There is no single-valued explanation for this phenomenon. Some believe that this is an illusion created by a gravity hill.

Dolmens (Rocky, Korea, China, India, Israel, Scandinavia, Russia)

Image result for Dolmens (Rocky, Korea, China, India, Israel, Scandinavia, Russia)

The oldest huge flat stone slabs in the shape of the letter P were found in the most diverse corners of our planet. Archaeologists believe that they were once the funerary chambers of ancient priests. In the dolmens, the clock changes, the hands of the instruments behave strangely.

Image result for Waterfall of eternal fire, USA

An unusual waterfall, created by nature itself. The phenomenon phenomenon is explained by the fact that in this place there are small mountain faults through which natural gas leaks. Sometimes the “eternal flame” fades, but the tourists ignite it again. There is a belief – luck will come to someone who “revives” the fire.

Frangokastello Castle, Greece

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On the island of Crete there is a single documented chronomrage on Earth. Every year at the end of May, people’s shadows, on foot or on horseback, with weapons, move from the Church of St. Harlampy to the fortress of Frangokastello. The phenomenon is observed in the early morning with a calm sea and high atmospheric humidity. It lasts usually about 10 minutes. German soldiers who during the war occupied the local territories, almost lost their reason from fear and opened fire on the mirage.

Czech Catacombs, Czech Republic

Image result for Czech Catacombs, Czech Republic

In 1996, scientists recorded the sounds of the organ, referred to in the legends. The underground passage is at a depth of 10 meters, near it there is not a single room in which this musical instrument could accommodate, and also eyewitnesses examined psychologists for signs of massive hallucinations. But the main sensation was the existence of a “glowing ladder.” The material samples showed that there is no phosphorus in it. The staircase at first sight does not stand out, but over time it begins to radiate a mystical reddish-orange light.

Stone Forest, China

Image result for Stone Forest, China

The first miracle of the Celestial Empire. Stone forest was formed more than 200 million years ago. Previously, there was a sea in this place, in which thick layers of limestone settled. But as a result of tectonic movements, the stones came to the surface. In the underground part of the stone forest, the Kwifeng Cave is located, in which real miracles occur – from August to November the underground river forms a whirlwind every 30 minutes, which lasts only a few minutes and then quickly disappears.

River of five colors, Colombia

Image result for River of five colors, Colombia

Most of the year the river looks exactly like any other, but in the summer it turns into a multi-colored carpet. Red, pink, blue, green and yellow colors that adorn the river are created by unique species of algae. According to legends, under the “ladder” of waterfalls are hidden treasures Mohans (water).

Bloody waterfall, Antraktida

Image result for Blood waterfall, Antarctica

A blood red waterfall that does not freeze even at -10 ° C. The glacier is considered to be the coldest of those in which liquid water flows. A group of scientists from Harvard University was able to prove that this lake is inhabited by microorganisms, which are the reason for the occurrence of such an incredible phenomenon of nature.







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