The choice of gourmet in France: Pastry- Shop Ladurée.



France – it’s wine, cheese, truffles and … macaroons. But not the pasta to which you are accustomed, but the macarons. Today I will tell you about the Ladurée confectionery, which for the first time presented this delicate dessert to the world. Ladurée is a luxury. Luxurious showcases, where on the shelves lie in all its glory wonderful cakes, cakes and … macarons! This house is known for the fact that here for the first time they began to fasten these almond cakes in pairs, combining with a cream – and every day they are sold more than 15 thousand pieces! Pastry- Shop Ladurée is one of the most famous creators of macarons in the world. The history of the macaroons of Ladurée began with Louis’s second cousin Pierre Defonteno, who in 1930 was the first to invent two crispy biscuits with a delicate chocolate cream and cream. The name macaron comes from the word ammaccare (Italian maccarone / maccherone), which means “smash, crush,” and is a reference to the method of making the main ingredient – almond powder.


I recommend at least once try macaroons in this wonderful place. The menu is quite diverse, but it is necessary to come here not only for the sake of culinary delights, but rather to feel the atmosphere of the city. At the tables near you can see a pair of charming stylish Madam at the age of 60, from one glance at which the fear of old age disappears. On the other hand, ever-busy business ladies with exquisite manners will drink coffee, looking at which one wants to be French. There will be tourists and emigrants, but this only emphasises the fact that Paris attracts all people to itself.The place is pleasant in every respect!





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