…I started to think about acting and showed interest to the backstage process of moviemaking, then the theater and stage started to interest me. Since then all I know is that I want to be part of the process of making other worlds as what are movies and dramas if not the worlds that people create themselves. I want to try everything connected to that process started from directing and writing scripts to acting. Now, this course named Introduction to Acting Techniques is my first step in the world of acting and of course, I had my expectations about it.

First, I want to identify what acting means to me. As I wrote above I like playing someone else since I was a child. It was just part of a game back then and I did not try to analyze it. Whereas, now I have the answer to the question: “What is acting?” Acting is the process of discovering new and unknown in the universe and within us. There are thousands of issues and situations, questions, and answers, reasons, and ways we never think about. The world is so diverse and gigantic that the one life we have can never be enough to know it, feel its whole beauty and discover its secrets. The same time we as human beings are diverse too, we hide so much more than the social structures allow us to show or open. Acting is the tool that allows to open all the hidden and even the obvious from a whole new view. This is my observation about acting.


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