5 rules of modern etiquette!

1. Never come to visit without a call.
If you have been visited without warning, you can afford to be in a robe and curlers. One British lady said that when uninvited guests appear, she always puts on shoes, a hat and takes an umbrella. If a person is pleasant to her, she will exclaim: “Oh, how fortunate, I just came!” If unpleasant: “Oh, what a pity, I must leave.”

2. Do not put the bag on your knees or on your chair.
A small elegant clutch bag can be put on the table, a volumetric bag can be hung on the back of a chair or put on the floor, if there is not a special chair (these are often offered in restaurants). The portfolio is put on the floor.

3.Rules of payment for an order in a restaurant: if you say “I invite you”, it means you pay.
If a woman invites a business partner to a restaurant, she pays. Another wording – “And let’s go to a restaurant” – suggests that everyone pays for themselves, and only if a man himself offers to pay for a woman, she can agree.

4. In the car, the most prestigious is the place behind the driver, a woman occupies it, the man sits next to her, and when he gets out of the car, he holds the door and gives the lady a hand. If a man sits behind the wheel, a woman is also preferable to take a place behind him. However, wherever a woman is sitting, a man must open the door in front of her and help him out. In business etiquette in recent years, men have increasingly violated this norm, using the motto of feminists “There are no women and men in business.”
When boarding the car, the woman first sits on the seat, then puts the legs into the salon, when exiting – first puts her feet on the ground, then only lifts the trunk.


5. Nine things should be kept secret: age, wealth, crevice in the house, prayer, the composition of the medicine, love affair, gift, honor and dishonor.

“I am very sensitive to the rules of good taste. How to transfer the plate. Do not scream from one room to another. Do not open the closed door without knocking. Skip ahead of the lady. The goal of all these innumerable simple rules is to make life better”.


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