…(6) and I again remembered ^^

I have always been interested in acting since I am a huge fan of film and theater industries. I want to know everything about the filmmaking process, about creating the atmosphere and the scene. I wanted to feel that myself. For a very long period of my life, I was thinking to attend Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography. I was dreaming of becoming a director. Unfortunately, I know that dreams are not always coming true and I decided for myself that theater and film, acting and directing cannot be my future. This is ridiculous as I never even tried to come close to my dreams. I have always dreamed about the creative process of making the scene, molding with the team for the same ideology of creation and transforming into something new that would have a short life but would be real. However, my family has usually been accepting those thoughts with redundancy. So this acting course was my first experience with the world of acting, with stage and my first step towards my dreams. This is why it is so important to me. Honestly, I have been scared from the stage during our first classes and I thought maybe everyone who said that it is just a waste of time in my case, was right. However, as I mentioned it has been fun for me to do everything connected to the course, including the analyzing processes, so I decided not to drop it but I have to confess that until the very last day of classes I was still thinking that acting is something far away from me. I loved it and I knew I will always love what I do during the course but I was not sure if I am doing it well enough to satisfy not only myself but the audience too.


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