Acting: From Beginning …

I always thought that those who know exactly what they want to do in their lives are the lucky ones. However, I never knew that. Even now when I am finishing my second college year I am still not sure about anything connected to my future. Looking back I see that I was never able to determine what I wanted from my life or myself. Remembering me as a child or even already grown up teen I cannot remember something certain that attracted me seriously, my preferences always changed. My brother, my friends and I had always played games that allowed us to create characters and play them when we were kids. I remember me being so passionate about those games that I dreamed we will never finish them. Of course, we finished at the end of the day and the next day brought new games with new and more interesting roles. I loved being anyone during those games. Later when I was a teenager and started to think about my future profession I decided that whatever I will choose it will be something important and interesting to me that will be not just a profession but work of my life. I dreamed of choosing something that will make me happy and not just a job that I will finish at the end of the day and want to forget about. Sadly, nothing specific came to my mind. Once I wanted to become an artist, than a writer, a psychologist, doctor, policeman, soldier, model, teacher, politician, singer, musician, archaeologist, journalist, thief, famous murderer, FBI agent, priest, princess, biologist scientist working with dinosaur’s bones and even a dinosaur (no, I am kidding, I never wanted to be a dinosaur though I wanted the costume). So all I had for that very long period was a total mess in my head. I decided to specify the reasons that made me think about my “professions” and what I found amazed me. I understood that my interests were not towards the professions or their natures but towards the characters that made the images of those professions.


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