America’s Next Top Model VS. Australia’s Next Top Model.

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Media is everywhere. Every time you look at the TV, listen to the radio, browse on the internet, or go to the store, you see media. And with media comes advertising. Advertising is a way of showing consumers a product, and making them want it. One way companies advertise is by hiring models to show their products and how they work. When I was younger, I used to watch a TV show called America’s Next Top Model. It was a show about average girls who wanted to become models, and they would compete through photo shoots and challenges to become the top model of the season. This was one of my favorite shows in middle school and high school, so much that I even wanted to become a model. This show gave hope to all girls and women who wanted to become models, because it gave them a chance, but it also Is harming girls because it’s making them want to look a certain way, and want to be objectified. After finishing all the episodes of “America’s Next Top Model”, I started to watch “Australia’s Next Top Model” and I noticed a lot of differences in their behavior, speeches, etc. So, as you may know, the programs “America’s Next Top Model” and “Australia’s Next Top Model” consist of some judges.  Basically, as the judges are from fashion industry, they can give good advice and put models on the right direction of the modeling industry, for example Tyra Banks, the producer of the show and main judge is an inspiration for the participant models, because she is showing that each girl appropriate for some standards of the show can take a chance to build a career of the model. I would like to share my personal opinion to highlight the importance of Tyra Banks’s inspiration and motivation for young girls, because when I was younger, I always wanted to be like her and copy her. Unfortunately, there can be cases when the critiques of the judges are being really cruel and not accurate for TV. Personally I love all of them, but I noticed their cruel and not appropriate behavior for the broadcast.  The programs actually have a huge difference.  For me, the hugest difference was that in “America’s Next Top Model” judges can allow them to talk to the participants as they want, without realizing that all that will be aired, but in “Australia’s Next Top Model” I have never noticed such thing.


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