Ashley and Mary- Kate Olsen


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Today, I want to write about my most favourite actresses, who were the part of my childhood, and also how time changed them. They are Ashley and Mary- Kate Olsen.

Sisters Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, starting a career in Hollywood literally from the cradle, at 10 years old became the youngest millionaires and the youngest producers producer in history. The other day they turned 29 years old, and shortly before this event they appeared on the red carpet of the fashionable CDFA 2015, where they were not only recognized as the best designers of women’s clothing, but also struck the people around with their … very changed look. So what happened to the pretty twins Olsen?

At the fashionable CDFA 2015 prize, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen came together as always to get their award. The surrounding people paid attention to the changed faces of the Olsen sisters.
According to rumors, Mary-Kate has done a number of plastic surgeries. To this conclusion, fans came after the appearance of a pair at the World Of Children Awards 2014. However, other stars, too, are known to make plastic surgery. For example, it is already known exactly what plastic surgery did Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga. In addition, foreign media have already reported a serious illness Ashley Olsen. It turns out that the girl suffers from tick-borne borreliosis (Lyme disease) in a neglected stage. In any case, I hope that the diagnosis will not be too terrible, and Ashley will be able to recover with minimal damage to health. After all, since the Olsen sisters grew up, their style began to attract public attention.




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