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Ladger played the Joker in the “Dark Knight” movie where he stole the whole show because of his outstanding performance that literally made the movie. As the role is very complicated and strange playing it that perfect made him loved and accepted by the audience and they started to get into his personal life and even compare him with the role. After his death one of the most popular gossips among people was the version of him absorbing the Joker so deep that he finally he became the Joker, had a psychological frustration and killed himself. Of course, this was just nonsense. The proof of this is his costar Christian Bale’s interview where he mentioned “After ending the scene he (Heath) came to me with smile and said, “Isn’t this all what acting is about?” Both Bale and Heath were using Stanislavsky’s method acting for their performances. Nearly every actor of new generation uses this technique.

Method acting requires actor to become the character he plays. This means to live like your character. When reading Stanislavsky’s “Action” I found the main focus of the reading to be on being as natural as possible on the stage. He wanted the reader who is possibly future actor to feel everything he will do on the stage. This is why the “Action” concentrates on finding purpose in every single step the actor makes on the stage. This method was widelly used by another of my favorite actors Jared Leto who also played Joker in 2016 movie “Suicide Squad”. His Joker had not enough time to show the audience what Leto is able to do and it was not even near to Ladger’s Joker. Though the way Leto prepared for it was exactly what Stanislavsky meant by method acting. Leto’s costars tell in interviews that he was not communicating with anyone on the set and was sending them weird gifts as Joker does. He totally became the character, painted his hair, was wearing clothes that Joker would wear and acting like him as preparation to his role. As method acting is one of the main branches of acting techniques it requires a huge research to be fully observed but its bases can be found in “Action” too.


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