… (I remembered the number, 3)

Now when I am trying to analyze the work I did on stage I understand what I was missing. When the teacher asked me to do a certain action I just did it without making a background for it. Being said to act crazy I just run from one side of the stage to another or sang stupid voices. Whereas, first I should think why is this character crazy, though it was an eyebrow and nothing seemed logical everything I needed was to turn on my creativity and be in the situation, though this does not mean that my acting would be perfect. There are several things that can block the actor. For instance, before the course, I thought that when being on stage nothing can disturb me and to be honest I felt that way before the last class. There was really called in the room and it was so disturbing, all I was thinking was about wearing my coat and going home. Because of called my hands were shaking and I was not able to stop it. Also, another factor that during the last class disturbed me was the lake of motivation from the group of people with whom we were doing a scene assigned by the instructor. I know they were feeling the called as me and I had the lake of motivation too but their mood made me go deeper into my own and instead of opening close myself. Anyways, I think this would not block me or disturb if I was not in the same mood and also being affected by co-workers shows the lake of professionalism which is normal in my case. However, this mood did not spread within the whole class and some of the guys did a great job. For instance, I would like to mention Meghedy and Rubina who always are so passionate about the class that it makes myself feel motivated. Also the very first performance Vardan prepared from “Game of Thrones” was really great and put the course on the higher level for me. Again, all of these examples are impacts that have an effect on my own work and are able to either block or open me on stage.


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