Is this the last time?

I assume, this is my last blog post for this class, semester and academic year. When I first registered here on January, I scrolled down a bit to read the final blog posts of the students of the previous year. So a big part of them wrote that after this course, they made sure that they didn’t want to become a journalist. Of course, they were mostly ironic, but still you can sense sincerity there. And here am I telling and feeling the opposite. WHOA!

I mean, if previously I had an interest in this sphere, after this class, it has only intensified and became more concrete. This does not mean that I will surely choose this path, however, if IT will choose me, I will be pleased.
If I can leave a last thing here, besides these words, is the link of the project which helped me to realize the above-mentioned.

Let’s give it up for this semester, ladies and gentlemen, my favorite one so far.


Lily Adamyan


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