The daughter of Pitt and Jolie wants to be a boy.



The eldest daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, nine-year-old Shiloh Nouvel, told her parents that she wanted to be a boy. She always wears only trousers, prefers short haircuts and games with her brothers.

Shiloh always dresses like a boy, demands that she be called John, and seeks to play with her three brothers – Maddox, Pax and Knox. The other two daughters of the couple, Zahara and Vivienne, on the contrary, adore dressing up in Angelina’s dresses. Angelina and Brad turned to Shylo for professional advice to a specialist. He recommended that the girl be allowed to dress as she wants, to try to protect her from teasing from her peers and others, and to create a favorable psychological climate for her in the family.  Brad was worried that two of her older brothers were to blame for Shiloh’s desire to become a boy. But the psychologist explained to him that they have absolutely nothing to do with it – Shiloh would like to dress like a boy, even if she had only sisters. “It’s just the essence of Shilo, she was born, and nobody’s fault is here,” the expert explained. Parents are making a lot of efforts to protect and support Shiloh, explaining to the remaining children how to behave with their sister in order not to offend or injure her, and they are doing it perfectly.




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