The End and the New Beginning

When the scene ended and the instructor asked: “Now, how you feel?” Anna started to explain her feelings and I just said “Good”. That was right, “good” was everything I felt. Then we started to analyze the work and I started to remember what we did step by step and what happened after, is the reason I think the time I spent on this course was not wasted. The instructor gave us our feedback. I thought I did pretty well and expected to hear good comments about my work. However, what I heard was more than just good comments. Of course, I remember every single word the instructor said to me but I am not going to write them here. I just want to admit that now I know exactly what I need in my life, what I seek for, what I have to do and the most importantly that I can do it. I am so glad I did what I did. Now the course ends and I will not have those two and half special hours in my life, but those hours opened so much new and important in me and brought so many new and interesting faces and such a freshness to my life that I know I just do not want to live a day without art, without theatre, without stage and without everything I experienced during the course. I don’t know if I want to concentrate on this on a professional level but I know I will find time for this in my life for sure. The end of the acting course is going to be the beginning of discoveries in my life.  Every end can be the beginning of something new and more beautiful.


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