These tips are more than 100 years old, but how brilliant people lived then! Wow!

Gallaher Ltd of Belfast & London and Ogden in the 1910s released this set of cards with useful tips.

In the 1880s, to strengthen soft packs of cigarettes, manufacturers began to invest in them hard cards. A very short time passed, and they guessed to increase sales, printing on these cards images of simple techniques that helped to cope with daily affairs and problems.

How to light a match in the wind

Make a “Christmas tree” on the match, as shown in the picture. When you light the head, the resulting chips will immediately flash.

How to remove a splinter

Fill the small bottle with hot water almost to the brim and press firmly against the arm. Cooling water will suck up your skin and after a while the splinter can be easily removed.

How to make a fire extinguisher and how to cut a tree

  1. Dissolve 1 pound of salt and 0.5 pounds of ammonia in two liters of water. Then throw this mixture into the fire and any small fire will be extinguished.
  2. Make a wedge from one side of the tree, and then the same wedge from the opposite side. Pull the tree by the rope in the desired direction.


How to light a cigarette with ice

Place a piece of potassium on the tip of the cigarette and touch it with a piece of ice.

How to check the humidity of bed linen

To check the moisture of your bed, place a small mirror between the sheets. If it fogs up in a few minutes, even a little, do not sleep in this bed.

How to keep eggs fresh

For long-term storage of eggs, you just need to take them and put them in salt, then necessarily moving them to a dry place.


How to water the plants, being far away and how to make a water filter

Fill the large container with water and put it above the level of the plants. Take a woolen rope and dip one end into this container, and the other into a pot of flowers.

The purest water can be obtained from a conventional zinc bucket with a hole at the bottom for draining. Lay out the layers of fine sand, coarse sand, clean and spent gravel and stones. As a result, the bottom will be poured clean water.

How to save a person from an electric shock and a device for those who can not swim

Ensure your safety. Wear dry gloves or take any insulated object (cloth, clothing, etc.) and pull the victim by his clothes.

Tie one end of a strong rope to a tree. Then get one scout to swim across the river and attach the other end to the tree on the other side. Make something like a seat, attach it to a loop that can move freely along a rope or to a block. Then, with a light cable, the scouts will safely take you to the other side of the river



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