… to the END

The course is called Acting techniques so we learned techniques that would help us during performing. I thought that they are useless as they can make us free in front of one another but they cannot make us free in front of the audience. Then you suddenly realize that audience is not the most important part. You, your partner and the stage: those are the important factors to make the scene work. If you think “I better do this than that as the audience would like it more” it will look artificial and fake. Instead, the actor should actually not act in front of the audience. If you prepared good enough to mostly know your lines you probably know what you are going to do on stage. However, this does not mean you should do the exact things you prepared. Everything can change on the stage. Your partner can miss the lines or situations, you can break the scene, the audience can act not in the way you expected and so many other things can happen. The mission of actor is to be flexible and ready to log in into new situations easily and as fast as possible. Actually, I knew all of this even before taking the course but taking it helped me to experience this by myself and feel it on my own skin. However, I did not think about all of these even for a minute when we were on the stage for our final performance. It just went smoothly. Catherine, Clair, the stage, some people who were not important during those fifteen and some minutes of my nirvana and the feeling of complete freedom when you can be whatever you want and express yourself however you feel. Nothing was important, it was just me enjoying whatever I did and it was amazing.


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