Why do we sleep after eating, and what foods are to blame for this?

Many of us have come across a desire to take a nap after a meal. It turns out that the reason for this can be not only fatigue or a sincere love for a dream, but also some dishes.



Image result for dairy products

A successful union of tryptophan and calcium, which helps the brain absorb this amino acid. The greatest relaxing effect is hard cheese, because calcium is more. If you add a cracker to cheese, you will want to sleep more, because in the presence of carbohydrates, the effect of tryptophan becomes more pronounced.


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In almonds, there is a lot of tryptophan – amino acid, which provides the production of melatonin – a sleep hormone. In addition, these nuts have a lot of magnesium, which relaxes muscles, and then pulls to lie down.


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Sugar, which is contained in a banana, makes tryptophan more accessible to our brain. The contribution is also made by potassium and magnesium, which are enough in this fruit. These minerals relax the muscles, which is why the same pleasant weakness is spreading through the body.


Image result for walnuts

Walnuts contain less tryptophan than almonds, but they already have melatonin ready. Studies show that eating nuts increases the level of this hormone in the blood, so that we can be pulled into sleep.


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Cherry increases the level of melatonin, especially tart varieties. A few berries or even a handful will not change your condition significantly, but after a glass of cherry juice, you will probably begin to sleep.

Chamomile Tea

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Chamomile contains glycine – an amino acid that has a mild sedative effect and relaxes the muscles and nervous system. Therefore, after chamomile tea, most likely, want to lie down, rather than focus on important matters.

Pumpkin Seeds

Image result for pumpkin seeds

In addition to tryptophan in pumpkin seeds contains a lot of zinc and magnesium. These elements relax the muscles and nervous system, so you may want to take a nap.

White Rice

Image result for white rice

White rice has a high glycemic index, which causes drowsiness, though not immediately, and after 3-4 hours. The most pronounced hypnotic effect is rice jasmine.

Fatty Types of Fish

Image result for fatty types of fish

Acids contained in salmon, tuna or other fatty fish, enhance the production of melatonin. These same acids reduce the level of stress hormone in the blood, because of what we relax and start looking for where to lie down.


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