4 revelations of people who survived the Holocaust

What you had to experience for people caught in a holocaust grinder and some miracle survivors, it is impossible to imagine. Witnesses of this tragedy every year is less and less. That’s why we should do everything to keep their memories forever – as a guarantee that this will never happen again.

We had scissors. We cut their hair strands from them. They cut them. They threw them on the floor, aside, and all this should take no more than 2 minutes. Even less than 2 minutes, because there was a crowd of women waiting in the back. That’s how we worked. It was very hard. It is hard especially because some of the hairdressers – they recognized in this queue their loved ones, their wives, mothers, even grandmothers. Just imagine: we had to cut their hair, but we could not even say a word to them, because it was forbidden to talk. It was enough to tell them what was waiting for them … that in 5 or 7 minutes they would be driven into the gas chambers, how panic would begin immediately, and they would all be killed anyway.

Abraham Bomba

Breeding was the most terrible word in the camp: it meant that people, still alive today, were doomed to be burned. What was my state! I knew that I was losing my mother, and I could not help her. Mother comforted me, saying that she had already lived her own age and that she felt sorry for us, the children. She knew that the same fate awaits us. Two days after the selection, the doomed were kept in a block, fed like us, and then came after them and took them to a special block of death (block A 25a). They collected the unfortunate from all the blocks and drove them to the crematorium. The flames in the sky and the smoke said that on this day, January 20, many innocent unfortunate people were burnt; Among them was my mother. My only consolation was that I would perish, but they were already delivered from suffering.

A girl from Auschwitz (No 74233)

And so we began to think about insurrection, about revenge, and it helped us to survive. All these plans were not worth a penny, but we discussed them, we saw in dreams how we go free, and all the Nazis are killed. We started looking for a way to secretly go to meetings, although there were only a few of them, because we needed to be careful, and when you came back from there, you felt like you were doing something, planning something, trying to do something. If it works out, it will be fine. If not, you will get a bullet in the back, and this is better than going to the gas chamber. I promised myself that I would not go into the gas chamber for anything, that I would rush to flee, I would fight – and they would have to spend a bullet on me. And so we began to prepare and discuss plans, and this again helped us to survive, you know, the idea that, perhaps, we will be able to avenge those to whom this is no longer fated.

Esther Raab

They, the Hungarian Nazis, brought people ashore, tied them to three, and then shot at the one who stood in the middle, so that all three fell into the water. And if they saw that someone was moving, then they shot again, so that surely. And so we settled on the other side, and the fascists did not notice us, because they were busy with the fact that they were tying and shooting Jews, and we stood on the left bank, and we had cars with doctors and nurses, and people who were supposed to Pull us out of the water. We were four, three men and I, and we jumped into the water, and thanks to the fact that the ropes got entangled in the ice floes, we managed to catch those who were still alive, but we saved only 50 people, and then we became so stiff that more Nothing could be done.

Agness Mandle Adachee


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