5 tips about being self-confident

Self-confidence is necessary both in everyday life and at important events: speeches, celebrations, visits to museums and exhibitions, important and meaningful lessons at school. Self-confident people talk in a special way, express their thoughts that you want to listen the,. They fascinate with their perfection. How do they do it? What factors make them so? This, of course, is primarily a sense of self, but there are some external attributes that make people more confident. I have chosen particularly this topic because I also have some difficulties because of not believing in myself. It seems that I have two identities in me: one that always thinks that she is right and the second that thinks that she is always wrong.  I don’t like my second identity because there I always feel lower than the others. But when I am in a mood of the first identity I am always happy and very communicatable. Here I have looked for some tips that will help you to be more self confiident.

Of course, the development of confidence can take several years, but what if you need to be confident precisely here and now? No problem! As mentioned above, there are certain external attributes that are inherent in confident people. So let’s look through them.

1. Posture. Stop slouching! If you start walking with your head high, you will become more confident, because confident people are associated with well-balanced people. A stoop associates with failure, illness, low self-esteem. Do you have problems with posture? Do every morning a few exercises for the back to strengthen your muscles. For example, exercises with dumbbells. Straightening your posture, you will become much better in looking outward: your stomach will become entangled, your eyes will see not the old asphalt, but the surrounding world. There’s so much interesting in it!


2. Speech. Speaking too fast with hurrying without saying the endings of the words is clearly not our option. To understand what you need to change in your speech, record it and listen carefully. Perhaps you will find some defects, for example, speech will be very fast or vice versa too slow. If you speak quickly, try to speak more slowly than you want. Read more often.


3. Prepare yourself. Prepare yourself well for an important event: learn your speech, bring a suit in order and take a shower. You should look so that you do not have problems that you can distract. If you look perfect, no one will try to offend you, insult you, find a flaw and start criticizing from scratch, and you know often because of someone else’s opinion a person feels insecure.


4. Smile! Smiling, our mood is rising just like that! Just smile with a real smile, sincere, the one you are enjoying a good day,  for singing birds, for excellent mark. Remember the simple joys that make you smile. If you do not get to smile sincerely, then remember you will involuntarily have a smile. If you do it in a weird way, it will be noticed right away. Perhaps the people will even begin to avoid contact with you.


5. Look in the eyes. Always look into the eyes of the person whom your are talking too. Then he/she will understand that you are listening to them. Do not be afraid to look people in the eyes! It’s not as scary as it might seem. Try this only a few times and it will become a habit. Understand that other people are also nervous and worried, they also want to look into your eyes, so why do not you take the first step?




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