Advertising Burger King in Moscow has expanded the collection of examples demonstrating how creatively you can wet reputation of a brand-rival.

Some brands simply can not coexist peacefully, regularly building their advertising campaigns in direct comparison with competitors. Unlike in Russia, where comparison of the advertised product with brands of other manufacturers is considered unfair advertising and is punishable by a fine, direct attacks in advertising against competitors in other countries are very much welcomed, and sometimes take such a protracted character that they turn into a long war. For example, BMW and Audi, Apple and Microsoft, Coca Cola and Pepsi.


Confrontation of fans of Apple products and its opponents will end, it seems, only if Apple ceases to exist, plus another 10 years. In November last year, a public attack on the company took place in Korea and was paid by a certain Matias. On the poster, placed in the pavilion, shows the silhouettes of coffee glasses and their price, the difference in which is determined by the name.

Burger King vs McDonald’s

Burger King vs McDonald’s


The hamburger war is a good example, which shows the eternal competition between Burger King and McDonald’s.

Samsung vs LG


March 15, 2013, Samsung introduced one of the most anticipated smartphones this year. On the eve of the presentation, the company posted on the Times Square an advertising billboard with the announcement of the event. The South Korean competitor LG, whose outdoor advertising has been placed over the boards of Samsung for 20 years, could not help using the excitement around the new Galaxy S4 smartphone to advertise its Optimus G. Smartphone LG updated its advertising by copying the stylistics of competitors and offering to buy their smartphone now.

BMW vs Audi

Among the automakers are regularly held serious military battles, the initiator of which is more often than others is Audi: it will encroach on the Ferrari, then laugh at Lexus, then at night Mercedes wishes. But most of all goes to BMW, which always accepts the challenge of the opponent, leaving no lunge unresolved.2905405-bmw1-400-a542d8629a-1484575867.jpg

Audi did not hide the resentment, having acted with a reciprocal poster: “Congratulations to BMW with the victory in the competition” Machine of Peace “-2006. From six-time winner of the race Consecutive Le Mans 24 Hour (2000-2006) “.

Coca Cola vs Pepsi

It is impossible to imagine that the two main brands of soda live peacefully. They fight in everything: who tastes better, who has a wider range, who has a steeper bank, who has more expensive advertising, who has more emotional advertising. Not to mention the volume of sales, of course.

From failures on the field of the century-long battle, managers’ heads fly, new generals with new plans come to their place and rush into battle. And we are watching this battle from the most important rostrum. Both the main drinks are in the supermarkets next door, and on which rack the arm extends more often, it depends which direction the two companies will move.


In these battles, consumers themselves participate, dividing into two opposing camps and actively directing their favorite brands in the direction they need. Did you know, for example, that several hundred thousand Americans were suing Coca Cola in court, so that the company returned the old recipe? And that a larger volume of bottles with Pepsi is a tribute to the historical success of the Great Depression?

Pepsi attacks mainly. As such, Coca Cola does not participate in this battle, sporadically spending inconspicuous restylings of its 100-year-old logo and watching how Pepsi is active in this sense.


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