Don’t spare words of kindness. You put on a nice blouse and go to the university and one of your friends says «I love your blouse, it suits you so well.” What is your reaction? Of course, you are touched, of course, you feel more confident, appreciated and it automatically puts a smile on your face. Imagine that you can do the same. Don’t hesitate to tell how much you liked someone’s performance or how beautiful someone is. Even if you notice that it wasn’t the best they could do, still tell them how much better they did or that they have an amazing road ahead of them. I remember once I put on a shirt that I didn’t like much. I just wanted to pass on the day. Midterms were coming and it was a Friday so, I didn’t care much. I went to the university as you can tell not in a good mood and suddenly one of my acquaintances passed by me with a smile and I just smiled and passed and she called “Hey, Marie, I love your shirt.” I turned around and happily shouted, “Thank you”. After that incident, my entire day changed. I happily completed my assignment and learned the lesson. Do not hesitate to make someone’s day.


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