On July 21, one of the most famous writers of the 20th century was born, the legendary man Ernest Hemingway.

His grave says: “He loved autumn most of all. Yellow, warm autumn leaves floating on the river on the backs of trout, and above the blue windless sky. Now it will be a part of all this forever. ” Ernest Hemingway for readers, Ham for friends, Papa for his women and sons, he was a man who made himself, loved beauties who knew wealth and fame. And the departed from life by own decision.

The legend that was created around his unusual personality was a legend about the man of action, the reckless adventurer, the brave war correspondent, the amateur boxer, the hunter, the victim of three automobile and two aviation accidents, the husband of four wives, but above all the brilliant author of stories and novels.


Hemingway was born in the family of a doctor and a woman who adored music. While his father tried to inspire his son with a love of medicine, and his mother forced her to play for hours on cello, the boy secretly sat behind books that he could find in his home library. In life, no parent ever accepted him as a writer.


The first test of the pen took place in a school newspaper: two short stories, but it was after them that Hemingway finally decided to become a writer. Further there were reports for police newspapers, where he was even taken without proper philological education, journalistic investigations and notes. And then the First World, where he went as a volunteer. “I was a big fool when I went to that war. I thought that we are a sports team, and the Austrians – another team involved in the competition “- later recalled the writer. The first writer’s success to Hemingway came with the novel “And the sun rises”. And the next work, the novel “Farewell to Arms!”, Became a sensation even in spite of the crisis that was raging at that time and sold 80,000 copies.


“If you were lucky, and you lived in Paris when you were young, then, wherever you are, it will remain with you till the end of your days, because Paris is a holiday that is always with you.” Ernest Hemingway, Paris, 1924.

Hemingway once said: “If two love each other, it can not end happily.” Possessing reckless disposition, he was widely known as a ladies’ man and conqueror of women’s hearts. He was married four times, often falling in love with one woman, still married to another. All the women called him exclusively Pope, even the actress Marlene Dietrich, with whom the writer regularly corresponded. Hemingway sincerely loved his children and his women, but nothing could make him stay at home. Therefore, his lover often only had to wait patiently and write desperate letters to her husband.


Ernest Hemingway at the helm of his boat “Pilar”, during which during World War II he organizes counterintelligence against fascist spies in Cuba and hunts for German submarines in the Caribbean.

Sit Hemingway all his life at home, he probably would not have written a single line. Why do you believe his works from the first words unconditionally? Yes, it’s just that Ham did not even have to invent anything – the stories for novels he took from his own life, which was full of adventure.

“A holiday that is always with you” is the writer’s youth in France. Safari is described in detail in the “Green Hills of Africa”, “The Old Man and the Sea” – a story about his fishing off the coast of Cuba, and the impressions of the war are reflected in one of the most famous novels of Hemingway “For Whom the Bell Tolls”.




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