I still remember the times when I was walking by the AUA and dreaming about the days when I will study there. It feels like yesterday, but my sophomore year is already over. The time is passing so fast that it is impossible to catch it even for a moment. Even though I am still young, but one of my biggest fears is not waste a life.. even a part of it … (but actually, I do)
When I graduated from school, I had the same feeling. One of the thought that was making me sad was the fact that the term “school “ was no longer applicable to me. Every day thousands of pupils will go to school but not I. I do not know what to call the feeling, but it was not actually a fear of change. I am not afraid of new beginning and adventures, but I am afraid of forever closing the doors of different stages of my life. ~
The semester is over. I appreciate every single one who was a part of it. I appreciate all the warm people who were smiling me back in the corridors, all the lecturers who opened new perspectives and enlarged my worldviews and all the colleagues with whom I shared one year of life.
Thank you all!

-Mariam Khachatryan


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