New Adventures☀


Please tell me you are as excited as I am for the end of this academic year and for the beginning of summer. Please. Most of the people I’ve been surrounded with for these past few days are in that particular stage where they constantly think about missing the uni life and not knowing what to do for the three lingering months of summer that is ahead of them. But, that is the kind of attitude that will slow you down in life. It’s not a tragedy that something is ending, it just means that something else, something new and exciting is going to begin. When a door closes, another one opens, right? So, open your arms and heart to the possibility of an exciting summer, don’t shy away from fun and say yes to new adventures!

You can’t go on your entire life feeling sorry for yourself, and it sucks that I had to learn this the hard way. There are so many new things you can do and learn this summer, I can’t even fit a quarter of them in this post. Obviously, when you think of summer plans, you think of travelling and that is honestly the best activity there is. Travelling doesn’t always mean going to a new country and spending loads and loads of money, and as students, we often lack the finances to afford such adventures. But, we can always go on roadtrips with friends. Living in Armenia has myriad benefits, and the places you can go on a road trip here are practically endless. With the mesmerizing mountains, breathtaking nature and ancient buildings, there is always something new to see and to experience. Traveling is incredibly good for the soul, as it helps you relax and appreciate the beauty around you, it helps you to reconnect with friends outside of your usual environment and most importantly, it gets you out of your comfort zone. New experiences are wonderful things, and you can forever keep them in your memory by taking beautiful pictures of your adventures. That could also be another summer activity: take lots and lots of pictures. Maybe even create a blog, and post those pictures there. I am eternally glad that blogging was a required part of this course, because it helped me remember how much I loved blogging and I hope to continue doing that for the summer. Other fun summer activities you can do: have a barbecue night and reconnect with your friends over some khorovats and beer, go on a picnic and eat sandwiches and of course watermelons, learn a new language, write a new book, work on your hobbies and improve your talents. There are countless things you can do this summer, so don’t fret about it being the end of an academic year. Instead, think about all of the things you can do and learn, and welcome new adventures with open arms and an open heart!

Sinara Isoyan


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