Salute to Appreciation!

Nowadays, there is an abundance of pessimistic people, and a scarcity of real optimists, especially in Armenia. People here always complain about how hard the life is, how difficult they live without money or any satisfying job, there is neither a perspective of a good life nor future. Nothing awesome can happen to people in Armenia. Well, I must say, sometimes I am of that opinion as well. But more I think about it, more I disapprove of me. There are so many wonderful things each of us can be grateful for. Yes, we live in rather hard conditions. Yes, there is a war. Yes, life does not seem like something to enjoy right now. So what? Should we constantly moan and annoy others? I don’t think so. The most important thing is to remember all the people and certain moments in life that make us happy. Negativity attracts negativity, so think only the positive thoughts, be ready to share your inner peace and eagerness with those who really need it. Don’t focus only on bad things, save some time for the great ones. Spend more time with your family, go to the cinema or theater with your closest friends, talk more often with your siblings, read books, watch old and new movies, find yourself a cool hobby, surprise people you love with little somethings, get a pet, become a morning runner, eat more sweets, learn to play a new musical instrument, try to write a short story, be creative. There are so many things to appreciate and be grateful for. You can feel good just from the thought that you actually have the possibility to do all these things I mentioned above. Being happy is so much fun, be while you can.


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