Towards the year-end tradition 😊

When book ends, it tends to have some kind of conclusion, a sum-up where one can find the future paths the heroes will be taking. Today, with this last post, I am finishing my writing journey into this course and into this style of personal weekly diary. Although for every single week, I was putting a reminder telling I should write this blog post, I should also admit a learned a lot from it. And, as the writer of my own book, I should have some magical forecast for myself as well.

When writing these blog posts I learned how every word can significantly add different meaning to the overall text. I learned how to organize my writing and how to write about topics of my interest so those would be interesting for others as well. With the help of these blogs, I finally understood and re-confirmed my idea that law is the field I want to be in. I enjoy writing about laws and human rights and every news that concerns those, and when I was not able to find news regarding that field, I felt so bad I should be writing about another. Even when law is a complicating subject, with the help of blogs I learned how to write about it and generally about every topic in an easy and comprehensive way, so everyone who will be reading will understand what is written.  I learned to follow my words and form my expressions, I experienced seeing and noticing the important from secondary and how that choice of material can affect your text and your writing.  I also understood how to be attentive to minor details as details are the points from which many stories are discovered and born.

My magical forecast is that I wish myself not to forget everything I learnt and deepen my knowledge with practice and studying. I hope I will succeed.

Thank you for this opportunity and for these lessons!

Happy and peaceful summer to everyone!

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