Masquerade in Armenia

On March 6, 2017, Masquerade ballet had its premiere at the Opera House in Armenia. The ballet is based on Russian poet and playwright Mikhail Lermontov’s play of the same name and is performed under Aram Khachaturian’s music. Before the debut of the performance, Constantine Orbelian, the artistic director at the opera house and a world-famous conductor, assured that this new staging of “Masquerade” would find a wonderful reception by the audience.

As a witness, I can confirm that it actually did. The audience did not leave just after the performance was finished and enthusiastically applauded all the participants from the musicians to the dancers. The warmest and loudest applauds received the protagonist of the play, playing Yevgeny Arbenin as besides the wonderful ballet, he showed excellent acting technics and was able to touch the heart of the audience.

Vilen Galstyan, the director of the staging and the chief choreographer at the Opera and Ballet Theater, expressed his opinion about Masquerade and about  ballet in Armenia. “We do not have many ballet fans in Armenia, not to say there are not at all, but there are only few. Recently, I restored “Zhizele” ,which we did not have in our repertoire and we performed it so many times in the crowded hall. Let us not forget that we are not Moscow, we are not St. Petersburg, but we always have an audience in our ballet performances. I do not complain about our audience. I think, “Masquerade” is a new dope, a new step for our people to gather around the theater again,” Said Galstyan.

You can see an excerpt from the performance here


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