Friday May 5, my brain barely responded to write the last essay of the year, I felt my palms sweat, my eyes were full of blood, in other words I was exhausted. “That’s it, I need to give myself a break and do something enjoyable tomorrow,” I told myself as I shut the computer and headed towards my bed.

On the next day, while hundreds of people were trampling the Saryan Street filling the air with their elegant smells for a wine fest, a group of young energetic men was rocking in DAS, a nightclub in Yerevan. Where to go? I was tired of the overwhelming pressure from the expectations of others. I was dying from the thirst of freeing my brain. I was looking for a place, where I could let my fears suffocate from their own fears of being ignored. I wanted to take in the smell of freedom. I wanted to break the gentleness of restrained life: I wanted to let the rumpus start! DAS this is where my feet were leading me, this is where I hoped to find the death of the worries that had surrounded me throughout the past year. This is where I found the power of Rozen Tal’s restless music.

The band Rozen Tal named after an American psychologist Robert Rosenthal is rather new, which was formed two years ago in 2015. Since its creation, the band has managed to bring together a well-sized army of followers. The band consists of three members: Armen Yedigaryan, Harutin Asryan and Narek Tovmasyan. Rozen Tal has an irresistible charm and their music is thrilling. They voice human stories, sing about life and the inmost feelings, which we all have. They communicate a whole lot of whatever goes unsaid. When Harutin plucks the strings of the guitar, when Narek beats the drums and when Armen utters the first words the air fills with passion. They rock the stage with their togetherness and provide a sense of belonging to the audience. How can I not indulge in the music that captures my senses? Oh, how sincere their music is! How can I not shut my eyelids fiercely, when their rhythms pierce my heart? How can I not shiver, when their words penetrate into my veins, infect my blood cells? They have a pure talent of putting the life into lyrics and perfectly combining the lyrics with stunning music. Their songs speak about the things that are incommunicable. The art they create awakens my consciousness, absorbs my senses. When they sing the hidden spirits flee out of my body, I reveal my soul, I resurrect.

Feel the Pleasure


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