Amazon has created a great assisting product which is becoming more and more popular each day. Alexa is the Amazon’s hands free assistant which can help the user with various tasks. The product is a commercial success as it is being promoted everywhere nonstop, even on YouTube. Yet Amazon has gone a step further and have created a sort of a sister for the Alexa.

Amazon has announced a new hands-free style assistant called Echo Look. According to Amazon’s product listing, the device features a depth-sensing camera that can be used to take full-length photos of your look each day. Echo Look also features built-in LED lighting and lets you to blur the background so you can capture a clear photo of your outfit. Additionally, you can use Amazon’s new Echo Look app to get a live view of your outfit or use voice commands to ask Alexa to capture a short video of your look from multiple angels. Recommendations will be provided to you based on you daily look, and a new service called Style Check will provide you with a second opinion on which outfit would look the best. Echo Look can also be used have Alexa set alarms and check the weather, as well as play music, read you the news and audiobooks, and more. Just last month, Amazon brought Alexa voice control to iPhone. The device is currently only available by invitation only. But, it is believed that this new product will be available publicly very soon.


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