Late Submissions

Late blog submissions are very bad. I know a story of a guy who used to submit his blog posts very late and he received bad grades for it. Yet I heard that he used to have many excuses for submitting the blogs late. When he told the story of those blogs, he said that in the beginning he really used to like them and wrote about some things that he was interested in. Like “Half-Life 3”, “Counter Strike Baby Edition” and “Mortal Cycles”. He also did not like the idea of putting a comma inside the quotation marks, but that’s a different story. So, the guy told me that at the beginning everything was great and fine and his blogs were going up on time.

Yet something happened to him which might have affected his personal and social life. He had to work hard on a project which was very dear to him. He told me that he had “The Time of His Life”. I don’t know what that meant of course, but that seemed a bit staged to me. He told me that while working really hard on his project he might have got a bit carried away with it and skipped some assignment and classes.

Then another reason he told me of not being able to submit the blogs on time, was that when he worked on his assignments the whole week and studied hard he just wanted to have a one day off. The glorious Sunday, ow how good it was for him, even though it lasted so short.

Yet he knew that all of the excuses would not save him. He knew that he would have to undergo the wrath of his instructor. Nevertheless, he really liked his instructor and was very happy to spend an interesting, amazing and knowledge filled semester. And he was really thankful to her.

Late submissions are bad, but being a bad student is worse. Think about that.

Take Care and Stay Awesome. 😃


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