Psychology is mysterious, hard to understand and easily exploited if you know how. In order to be able to properly control your or even someone’s psychology you would have to read lots of books and spend your precious time on learning. Who wants that? So, I decided to write a blog about how some aspects of psychology can be manipulated. Otherwise put, here is a list of 10 interesting facts about human psychology which will help you to know yourself better.

  • It takes 66 days for someone to develop a habit. So, if you want to finally loose that fat of yours, or to become buff you would have to exercise for 66 days without quitting and being lazy. Eventually you’ll develop a habit of it, then you will have the looks of your dream in no time.
  • We remember information much better when we close our eyes. Next time you’re in that Journalism class and you are confused, just close your eyes until the instructor kicks you out. Then you won’t need to remember anything.
  • Human stomach and the brain are closely connected to one another, some emotions like fear can have a physical impact on your stomach. It’s easy don’t get scared. BOOO!!!
  • By writing down our dreams, we focus our brains on making them a reality. I’m afraid my hand will get tired of writing the number 0. I want 100000000000000000000. More!
  • The part of brain which works for our smelling is closely connected to the part of our brain which works for our memory. Looks like we have to smell some books before the exams.
  • Every human has 3 personalities inside of him. The one which he thinks he is, the one which others perceive him as and the one he really is. No comments, just creeped out a bit.
  • People who appreciate the world and who thank others easily, can achieve happiness much easier. Sucks for some people.
  • People who regularly talk two languages can have a smaller chance of developing an Alzheimer’s disease. Just three words. Good for us.
  • Humans tend to develop strong bonds with someone they sing of. Be careful of who you sing about.
  • Not sleeping enough can cause you to become more aggressive and will increase the chance of you getting depressed.


Those were the interesting facts, hopefully they thought you something or made you think.



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