Nintendo recently has announced that one month Switch sales worldwide amounted to 2.57 million copies. According to Nintendo, it can be considered a “promising start” for the console. Company president Tatsumi Kimisima admitted that, according to his expectations, sales in the first month were to be 2 million copies.

According to calculations of the Nintendo, in the next fiscal year, sales Switch should be 10 million, and games for the console – 35 million copies. If this predictions comes true, then the Switch will quickly overtake the Wii U, total sales which account for 13.56 million copies.

Also ended the year has been good for the 3DS, which managed to sell better than 7% from a year ago as a result of the sale of consoles totaled 7.27 million copies and games for it – 55,080,000 copies.

This proved to be a successful year for Nintendo in terms of games for mobile devices: they were able to earn approximately ¥ 24.25 billion (equivalent to $ 218 million) – nearly four times more than in the previous fiscal year.


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