Photography is an interesting, fine and hard job. Being a good photographer takes good skills and great equipment. Seems logical, right? Yet does it really? Well so it happens that there are a couple of tricks which can make even you a great photographer without any great equipment or years of experience. Yes, EVEN YOU!

  • Having trouble with lighting, understandable, everybody has trouble with lighting. Yet there is a trick of getting a soft light for your pictures. All you need is just a camera with a flash and a paper bag. The paper bag absorbs the light and gives it a soft glow which will make your face or whatever that is you are picturing look much better without any filters. Finally, you can post a pic and say #nofilter without lying to yourself.
  • Want to make a moving shot? The ones like in the Hollywood when the camera moves along the action happening on screen. Yet you can’t seem to find a couple of thousand dollars lying around for a dolly? Don’t worry as there is a much easier way of doing that shot. You just have to put your camera on a flat surface and put a blanket under it. Then by moving the blanket to whichever direction you’ll get a smooth moving shot with your camera.
  • Want to have a cool background for an item when you picture it. Simple! Just google in “cool backgrounds” and you’ll have dozens of backgrounds to chose from. After you simply put the item in front of your monitor and, Voilà!
  • There are other couple cool tricks you can do to make your pictures have lighting effects. For example, lighting a match in front of your camera will give you the glowing distant light effect, or if you don’t like that effect for some random reason, you can hold a CD disk in front of your camera lens and that will give you the vibe circular light effect. #NOFILTER


These were some cool camera tricks which will definitely help you in your photography and cinematography career.


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