The Sin of Self-expression

Click here and be transported to our final project for Journalism class, mysteriously titled “The Sin of Self-expression”.

Here’s an exclusive and equally mysterious sneak peek for your viewing pleasure:

Humans have marked their bodies with tattoos for thousands of years. These permanent designs — sometimes plain, sometimes elaborate, have served as status symbols, declarations of love, signs of religious beliefs and even forms of punishment.

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With love from Anush Shirvanyan, Maryam Israelyan, Meri Hovnanyan and Seda Manucharyan


Hemp For Help

“Hemp For Help” was our year- end project for the Intro to Journalism class. My group members were Natalie Adulyan, Anahit Otaryan and Anna Khachatryan. The four of us decided to make a short animation, the objective of which would be to show the benefits of hemp and how it can positively impact the Armenian idustries. Attached you may find the link to the short documentary.

Special thanks to Hayk Simonyan and Albert Ayvazyan

– Suzy Grigoryan

The Vernissage: The Cultural Citadel of Armenia

For the Introduction to Journalism course’s year end project Davit Asatryan, Tatevik Avetisyan, Nune Harutyunyan, and Lusine Sargsyan prepared a multimedia project about Vernissage. The project vividly illustrates the unusual places of Vernissage and mainly concentrates on astonishing woodwork, intricately carved wooden accessories, old, traditional carpets, and needlework, representing medieval Armenian miniature paintings.

Attached you can find the link to the project: