The Edge of Tomorrow is an action movie which is mind-bending, futuristic and it has Tom Cruise. Recently a sequel was announced, and I got very excited about it and decided to write everything I know about the sequel.

The Edge of Tomorrow sequel will see both first film’s lead actors return, and it has a title – Live Die Repeat and Repeat. The director Doug Liman stated that the film’s two stars will make a return, and that the project is still in motion.

If you’re not up on Edge of Tomorrow’s slightly weird set of titles, let me explain. The first movie was based on a novel called All You Need is Kill. After a negative response to the word “kill”, the film’s title was changed to the somewhat abstract Edge of Tomorrow. After the film failed to perform at the box office, its home entertainment releases put more emphasis on the tagline, “Live. Die. Repeat.”, leading some retailers to market it under that name instead. It appears that the title finally stuck and then become immediately confusing again for the sequel. Liman has previously said that the new film will revolutionize how people make sequels.

The first film got a score of 7.5, saying it was a time-travelling mind-bender that unfortunately isn’t quite the sum of its parts. While it disappeared at the box office, the film went on to become something of a cult hit after heading into homes. I really liked it and I hope that the director delivers on his words and makes the sequel even greater. What about the title of “Live. Die. Repeat”? To be honest I don’t think that many people cared about it.


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