DURING THE UNSUCCESSFUL NEGOTIATIONS WITH THE OPPOSITION DEMANDING HIS RETIREMENT, SERJ SARGSYAN THREATENED TO END THE PROTESTS BY MASS MURDERS. THE UNPOPULAR PRIME MINISTER OF ARMENIA SAID: “This are not negotiations, this is an ultimatum to the state and the legal authorities.  You don’t understand the level of responsibility, you have not learnt lessons from the events of March 1.”






Late Submissions

Late blog submissions are very bad. I know a story of a guy who used to submit his blog posts very late and he received bad grades for it. Yet I heard that he used to have many excuses for submitting the blogs late. When he told the story of those blogs, he said that in the beginning he really used to like them and wrote about some things that he was interested in. Like “Half-Life 3”, “Counter Strike Baby Edition” and “Mortal Cycles”. He also did not like the idea of putting a comma inside the quotation marks, but that’s a different story. So, the guy told me that at the beginning everything was great and fine and his blogs were going up on time.

Yet something happened to him which might have affected his personal and social life. He had to work hard on a project which was very dear to him. He told me that he had “The Time of His Life”. I don’t know what that meant of course, but that seemed a bit staged to me. He told me that while working really hard on his project he might have got a bit carried away with it and skipped some assignment and classes.

Then another reason he told me of not being able to submit the blogs on time, was that when he worked on his assignments the whole week and studied hard he just wanted to have a one day off. The glorious Sunday, ow how good it was for him, even though it lasted so short.

Yet he knew that all of the excuses would not save him. He knew that he would have to undergo the wrath of his instructor. Nevertheless, he really liked his instructor and was very happy to spend an interesting, amazing and knowledge filled semester. And he was really thankful to her.

Late submissions are bad, but being a bad student is worse. Think about that.

Take Care and Stay Awesome. 😃

The Edge of After the Tommorow

The Edge of After the Tommorow

The Edge of Tomorrow is an action movie which is mind-bending, futuristic and it has Tom Cruise. Recently a sequel was announced, and I got very excited about it and decided to write everything I know about the sequel.

The Edge of Tomorrow sequel will see both first film’s lead actors return, and it has a title – Live Die Repeat and Repeat. The director Doug Liman stated that the film’s two stars will make a return, and that the project is still in motion.

If you’re not up on Edge of Tomorrow’s slightly weird set of titles, let me explain. The first movie was based on a novel called All You Need is Kill. After a negative response to the word “kill”, the film’s title was changed to the somewhat abstract Edge of Tomorrow. After the film failed to perform at the box office, its home entertainment releases put more emphasis on the tagline, “Live. Die. Repeat.”, leading some retailers to market it under that name instead. It appears that the title finally stuck and then become immediately confusing again for the sequel. Liman has previously said that the new film will revolutionize how people make sequels.

The first film got a score of 7.5, saying it was a time-travelling mind-bender that unfortunately isn’t quite the sum of its parts. While it disappeared at the box office, the film went on to become something of a cult hit after heading into homes. I really liked it and I hope that the director delivers on his words and makes the sequel even greater. What about the title of “Live. Die. Repeat”? To be honest I don’t think that many people cared about it.

Alexa’s New Sister

Alexa’s New Sister

Amazon has created a great assisting product which is becoming more and more popular each day. Alexa is the Amazon’s hands free assistant which can help the user with various tasks. The product is a commercial success as it is being promoted everywhere nonstop, even on YouTube. Yet Amazon has gone a step further and have created a sort of a sister for the Alexa.

Amazon has announced a new hands-free style assistant called Echo Look. According to Amazon’s product listing, the device features a depth-sensing camera that can be used to take full-length photos of your look each day. Echo Look also features built-in LED lighting and lets you to blur the background so you can capture a clear photo of your outfit. Additionally, you can use Amazon’s new Echo Look app to get a live view of your outfit or use voice commands to ask Alexa to capture a short video of your look from multiple angels. Recommendations will be provided to you based on you daily look, and a new service called Style Check will provide you with a second opinion on which outfit would look the best. Echo Look can also be used have Alexa set alarms and check the weather, as well as play music, read you the news and audiobooks, and more. Just last month, Amazon brought Alexa voice control to iPhone. The device is currently only available by invitation only. But, it is believed that this new product will be available publicly very soon.

Tips and Tricks on Becoming a Pro Photographer

Tips and Tricks on Becoming a Pro Photographer

Photography is an interesting, fine and hard job. Being a good photographer takes good skills and great equipment. Seems logical, right? Yet does it really? Well so it happens that there are a couple of tricks which can make even you a great photographer without any great equipment or years of experience. Yes, EVEN YOU!

  • Having trouble with lighting, understandable, everybody has trouble with lighting. Yet there is a trick of getting a soft light for your pictures. All you need is just a camera with a flash and a paper bag. The paper bag absorbs the light and gives it a soft glow which will make your face or whatever that is you are picturing look much better without any filters. Finally, you can post a pic and say #nofilter without lying to yourself.
  • Want to make a moving shot? The ones like in the Hollywood when the camera moves along the action happening on screen. Yet you can’t seem to find a couple of thousand dollars lying around for a dolly? Don’t worry as there is a much easier way of doing that shot. You just have to put your camera on a flat surface and put a blanket under it. Then by moving the blanket to whichever direction you’ll get a smooth moving shot with your camera.
  • Want to have a cool background for an item when you picture it. Simple! Just google in “cool backgrounds” and you’ll have dozens of backgrounds to chose from. After you simply put the item in front of your monitor and, Voilà!
  • There are other couple cool tricks you can do to make your pictures have lighting effects. For example, lighting a match in front of your camera will give you the glowing distant light effect, or if you don’t like that effect for some random reason, you can hold a CD disk in front of your camera lens and that will give you the vibe circular light effect. #NOFILTER


These were some cool camera tricks which will definitely help you in your photography and cinematography career.

Learn a Bit About Your Psychology

Learn a Bit About Your Psychology

Psychology is mysterious, hard to understand and easily exploited if you know how. In order to be able to properly control your or even someone’s psychology you would have to read lots of books and spend your precious time on learning. Who wants that? So, I decided to write a blog about how some aspects of psychology can be manipulated. Otherwise put, here is a list of 10 interesting facts about human psychology which will help you to know yourself better.

  • It takes 66 days for someone to develop a habit. So, if you want to finally loose that fat of yours, or to become buff you would have to exercise for 66 days without quitting and being lazy. Eventually you’ll develop a habit of it, then you will have the looks of your dream in no time.
  • We remember information much better when we close our eyes. Next time you’re in that Journalism class and you are confused, just close your eyes until the instructor kicks you out. Then you won’t need to remember anything.
  • Human stomach and the brain are closely connected to one another, some emotions like fear can have a physical impact on your stomach. It’s easy don’t get scared. BOOO!!!
  • By writing down our dreams, we focus our brains on making them a reality. I’m afraid my hand will get tired of writing the number 0. I want 100000000000000000000. More!
  • The part of brain which works for our smelling is closely connected to the part of our brain which works for our memory. Looks like we have to smell some books before the exams.
  • Every human has 3 personalities inside of him. The one which he thinks he is, the one which others perceive him as and the one he really is. No comments, just creeped out a bit.
  • People who appreciate the world and who thank others easily, can achieve happiness much easier. Sucks for some people.
  • People who regularly talk two languages can have a smaller chance of developing an Alzheimer’s disease. Just three words. Good for us.
  • Humans tend to develop strong bonds with someone they sing of. Be careful of who you sing about.
  • Not sleeping enough can cause you to become more aggressive and will increase the chance of you getting depressed.


Those were the interesting facts, hopefully they thought you something or made you think.


The Success Of the Switch

The Success Of the Switch

Nintendo recently has announced that one month Switch sales worldwide amounted to 2.57 million copies. According to Nintendo, it can be considered a “promising start” for the console. Company president Tatsumi Kimisima admitted that, according to his expectations, sales in the first month were to be 2 million copies.

According to calculations of the Nintendo, in the next fiscal year, sales Switch should be 10 million, and games for the console – 35 million copies. If this predictions comes true, then the Switch will quickly overtake the Wii U, total sales which account for 13.56 million copies.

Also ended the year has been good for the 3DS, which managed to sell better than 7% from a year ago as a result of the sale of consoles totaled 7.27 million copies and games for it – 55,080,000 copies.

This proved to be a successful year for Nintendo in terms of games for mobile devices: they were able to earn approximately ¥ 24.25 billion (equivalent to $ 218 million) – nearly four times more than in the previous fiscal year.