ui-56cbe8d873a421-06247756Eric Davidich Kituashvili is a blogger and the founder of channel Smotra.ru. He is famous for his unique test-drives of luxury cars. Couple of years ago he started a new project, which was called “Давидыч на охоте.” During this project, he was catching the workers of police of Russian Federation, who were taking bribes and forcing them to leave the system. He has done a great job for his country. In February 2016, Eric was arrested and was accused in a large-scale misappropriation. Last week his arrest was extended until March 15. The blogger thinks that his arrest is connected with his last project, which was almost ready when he was arrested. It was the second part of the above-mentioned project. Until now nothing has was done concerning his accusation. He was accused for misappropriation of one million rubles, but was not released on bail, besides his claims to pay ten times more money. Eric’s case is still unclear and his followers even tried to reach the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, but they did not succeeded. The good thing is that he still has his position and as he mentioned, he can be kept in jail even ten years, but no one can break him.


How does femininity display in various signs of zodiac?

Nowadays about femininity, one can hear at almost every step. A true woman should be .. should be able … must … must … After listening to all of this information, the woman runs to do the exercises, which should make her happy, to reveal her inner world and attract a decent man. But eventually comes disappointmen, because that the femininity is not a set of rules or practices. It is very different and multifaceted. And every sign of the zodiac has its own.




 Woman Aries is an Amazon. Truly not quite the most ancient myths of the Amazon, which allows men to approach her. Aries girl is an impulsive hunter and warrior. She will at first hurt to death and then will consider exactly who this time fell under the hot hand. So all displeasing ones better to stay away.


 Woman Tires is a Goddess. Ladies-Taurus somehow inexplicably manage to perform miracles, which you can touch: there are all sorts of houses, cars, and jewelry. Secondly, Lady Taurus regularly need sacrifices, or she will be offended and hover mortal pestilence and some disease. And, thirdly, Miss Taurus, as well as all of the goddess is not very kind, though she is not evil too. She can arrange to everyone a personal paradise or personal hell. But everything is deservedly and justly, to be sure.


 Girl twins are nymphets. They are eternal teenagers. They all really verily youthful and rebellion. Even when the lady-Twins will become a grandmother, her many “I” continue to drink port in doorways, come on secular receptions in black leather jackets, fall in love, for the first time – to the death. And despite this stupid adult world.


In just one word she is a mother. The mother of all living creatures. She surrounds with love and maternal love people who are related to her. However, individuals who are not close to her can also count on her care if they really need it. Her care doesn’t have limits she will protect all her kids as mothers usually do.


Leo girl is a Queen. The femininity of Lionesses is truly majestic, because where she appears all women instantly cease to exist, that it, it is the Lions think so. However, the great lion is really the mass of indisputable advantages. Though, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the Queen not just sit on thrones looking down at all but they also control the state and the citizens. And most of these citizens are sometimes executed.


 Virgos are the wisest woman from all signs of the zodiac. Yes, that wise woman, which all want to be, but no one turns out because no one knows how. A Virgo knows what real wisdom is: reinforced concrete logic, analytical thinking, pump up to the level of “God,” an actual spy observation and phenomenal memory.


Libra is a Turgenev girl. A gentle creature, delicate angel, a creature that needs to be protected from this evil, cruel world. Well, at the time when she gets in this world, of course, what happens very rarely. Girls Libra can create for them a separate universe where live ponies and fairies. And there, in this beautiful world, Libra is very happy.


 Scorpio is a vampire women. Femme, fatale, the Witch, and the sex-bomb – three in one, all shades of femininity and 50 shades of gray too. Girl Scorpio successfully combines all the qualities that are usually attributed to women, though without making any distinction between positive and negative. In one word she is a nuclear woman.


 Sagittarius – The courtesan (in a good way, of course). All other signs believe that femininity is a kind of ephemeral substance, embedded in each young lady. However, Sagittarius does not think so. In her understanding of femininity – it is something useful: Well, some can just about nothing to cook dinner for 12 people or can train cats brilliantly. A young lady Sagittarius knows how to be feminine, Moreover, when it is whatever she need.


 Capricorn girl is a true Muse. Not the one that sang the praises of the poets, but the one from which the best poets hid under the table. Since that girl, Capricorn does not come to those who have only a gift, but to those who in addition to the gift has steel nerves, such people Capricorn loves and as much as possible she tries to inspire them.


Girl Aquarius – “Sportswoman, Komsomol and simply beautiful.” It is all but changeable. And only one thing remains constant: Aquarians like to anneal in full. They never dream about peaceful life. Only the people who link their lives with Aquarius wish to piece.


Girl Fish is an Actress. And not just an actress, but a real tonic, which translates into a world mantra “A woman should be feminine!”. And does it so skillfully that we begin to think that the world of fashion and beauty created exclusively for the Fish. But it’s all game. The girl-Fish beyond her perfectly painted lips hide eighteen rows of razor-sharp, shark tooth and she uses them very easily if there is a need.





The World’s Richest People

The World’s Richest People

Earning one billion means earning not less than 100 dollars in every minute that passes during several decades. These people earned more than one billion.

Meet our one and only Bill Gates with US$76.6 billion in his pockets. 24gates-videosmall

An American businessman, programmer and a co-founder of Microsoft. Our lovely billionaire is also famous for his charity and humanitarian programs, as well as for donating money in science research programs.

The second lucky guy is a Spanish businessman Amancio Ortega with US$73.5 billion.U194722

He is the co-founder of Zara clothing and accessories chain. Also is a board member Inditex and Daez Groups. Impressing.

Warren Buffett: One of the World’s most influential people. Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Fortune The Most Powerful Women
Washington, D.C., USA


Photograph by Stuart Isett/Fortune Most Powerful Women

Also known for being a very influential and successful investor and philanthropist. He gives over 99 percent of his assets to philanthropic causes and still remains in the first places of the world’s richest people.

In the 4th place is Jeff Bezos with US$ 65.2 billion. Not bad.New Washington Post Owner Jeff Bezos Addresses Newsroom

He’s the founder and CEO of Amazon.com and a technology magnate. He is the founder and owner of the aerospace developer and manufacturer Blue Origin that has plans for commercial suborbital human spaceflight. Has a really handsome smile and is comparably younger than the previous three.

Laura Sargsyan

Neutral About Religion

In my school, 8 out of 10 of the students were Muslim.

As a first grader, when the subject of my religion would come up, I remember always telling people that I am Muslim too. Hey, my friends are Muslim so why can’t I be too?

My parents were never religious people. Sure we had a cross or two around the house, and I was told that there is a one God and a prophet. But my mind had made the connection that Christianity and Islam are the same because they both have only one God and they have a prophet.


But growing up a little bit, I asked my mom about our religion. And she said that our family was Christian. And I remember thinking, “well, what’s the difference?”

Later on, when I kept my eyes open for what the differences could be, I came to realize that we are not very different. Both religions have the same general concept: one God, a prophet, respect, faith in God, and love for nature.


I acknowledged both religions with mutual respect and faith. But in a community of Muslims, I was treated differently because I was a Christian.

Our school had an Islam class starting at grade nine. We had an hour of studying the Qur’an and understanding the Qur’an (Կրօնագիտություն). The first thing that the professor said when he came into the class, knowing that there is a Christian Armenian in this particular class, looking at me, “All Christians have to leave the classroom.” 




Of course, this was not the end of the world for. I had a free hour every week, so who cares?

But others welcomed me with open arms. My friends would have weekly meetings with a Sheikh who would sit down with them and tell them stories from the Qur’an and let his students interpret the message. One day, the meeting was to be at a friends house and I was there spending the day with her. When people started to show up for the meeting, I got up to leave. The Sheikh saw me at the door and asked why I leaving.

– “I’m Christian. I can’t stay for your meetings.”

His reply is something that I will never forget.

“Who cares if you’re Christian or Muslim. We’re here to learn and grow in God’s love and grace. You are always welcome here. If you do not want to be with us, may God be with you. But if you want to join us, our hands are always open to anyone.” 

To think that before this encounter, I was open to both religions would be an understatement.

Listening to my friends and the Sheikh speak about God, listening to my mother speak about Jesus, and then listening to the 2 out of 10 students in my school who were either Hindu or Tao, I become very neutral about my position about religions.

I don’t care what religion you come from or which God or Gods you believe in. What I care about is whether you are a nice person or not.



What do we know about ‘Barekedan’


Due to ‘Barekendan’ holiday, I decided to write a post about it and talk about its meaning. The word ‘Barekendan’ means kind liveliness. In the past. ‘Barekendan’ was celebrated in the days of pagan celebrations, mainly in beginning week of February or March. The holiday was mostly associated with joy and happiness. It was very often connected with the arrival of spring while the overall amusement and joy had to do with the awakening of nature.

Later on, after Christianity, ‘Barekendan’ became a holiday which is celebrated a week before the Lent. Then, it was celebrated with great regale, social games, dances and so on. It was one of the most favorite holidays of Armenians as it brought happiness to people. What is more, during the holiday, there was always plenty of food, laughter, singing and dancing which made the holiday even more enjoyable. The holiday was celebrated both by young and old and despite the fact, that is was still snowy and cold, it would not stop people from having fun.
Of course, it can be clear that the holiday was rather interesting and fun; however, the best part of ‘Barekendan’ was the fact that regardless of how much people earned, everyone would be able to afford a full table of the holiday. Engagements and wedding were also inevitable from the ‘Barekendan.’ They, in their turn, would bring a new level of happiness to the holiday.

Today, not everyone remembers about this holiday, and only a small number of people celebrate it. This year, the main celebration of ‘Barekendan’ was organized by Tumo center for creative technologies. They organized an event in Gyumri, including an amazing concert full of traditional Armenian songs as well various games and dances for people of Gyumri. From my perspective, ‘Barekendan’ and other holidays like this, should not be forgotten. In contrary, people should find new ways of celebrating them so the next generations wouldn’t forget about them.
What is more, as it can be seen ‘Barekendan’ is very entertaining and fun holiday, and it’s a great opportunity of celebrations and bringing happiness to people’s hearts.



Elen Atanesyan

New Toyota Camry

World’s the most famous company in automotive sphere is Toyota that introduced new 8th generation of Camry model. New Camry is designed by TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform and was best-selling mid-size cars in America last 15 years. Engineers of Toyota have changed its exterior and interior a lot during these years.

The differences between 7th generation and 8th generation of Toyota Camry is obvious for everyone. First of all they differ by their appearance. Toyota’s developers tried to redesign it by providing new beautiful elements and innovative look. The newest model is smoother and lighter. Visually the center of gravity is lower, which actually is, because of lower hip point and shoulder line. The front headlights changed to LED making its look more aggressive. Moreover in the rear side there are going to be new back lights and some added aluminum details which will make its appearance more powerful.



The newest model’s interior changed as well. The designers changed it by enlarging the cabin and making it more comfortable. By changing the interior’a front seats Camry became more sporty as the angles of seats are drawn forward. Rear-seats improved by becoming larger providing people more space to fell comfortable.



Toyota did not changes engines suggesting its customers 3.5 with V6 cylinder and 2.5 with inline-4 gasoline engine. However, engineers worked on higher power and fuel consumption.Toyota also developed new 2.5 hybrid engine with 4 cylinders.

New Toyota Camry will be in market in summer if 2017 and its cost will be volatiled from 23000$ to 33000$.

Author: Gevorg Atanesyan

Simplicity Is in Its Complexity

It is so simple that it is complex.

The other day I had a friendly debate with some of my relatives. The debate circled around the following two statements:

Complexity is in its simplicity.

Simplicity is in its complexity.

We were each saying which one we agree with more and why. Before picking sides I restructured the statements in a less confusing form. The first one basically says that things are so complex that they are simple, while the other one says the exact opposite – things are so simple that they are complex. Even though this still kind of sounds confusing, it makes a lot more sense.

I agree that yes, sometimes, we try to find complex ways to complex answers when it is all right there and very simple. However, I feel like the first statement applies to more everyday and ordinary things. For example, when you are trying to figure out the answer to a math problem, you try all the complicated methods, but at the end come to realize that the answer has been more straightforward and simple than you could ever imagine. On the other hand, the second statement applies to more abstract, global and deeper things. For example, if people would avoid all the fakeness and just be honest with each other then life would be much easier and happier. One might think it sounds easy and simple, but this is exactly what keeps people from doing so and this is exactly why it makes it complex.

The idea of simplicity in its complexity was one of the main concepts of modernism, which was the reaction to modernity starting from 1500s until now. Modernism is breaking free from tradition. People started thinking for themselves, asking questions and trying to figure things out. They would even ask questions that nobody knew the answer to. People started challenging things that were set in stone for years because those things and ideas seemed so simple that no one even bothered to actually think about them. But once people do think about them, they realize that they are not as simple as they seem, thus, simplicity is in its complexity.