Important things that men should not forget about women


Nowadays, I feel that the concept of ‘men’ has been changed a lot. Sometimes men forget that they are men and act more as like women. They expect the women to do all that they must do in almost every spheres of lives. That is why they forget what they must do to women, and forget some details connected with them. That is why I chose particularly this topic to talk about.

These simpe facts are often being forgotten.

  • Women want the men to take the initiative.

This is a very important aspect. Although women rarely talk about this, you need to know what they really like when complex tasks, questions and problems are solved for them. If a man takes the initiative, in the eyes of a woman such actions are regarded as attention and concern.

  • Women want to be surprised more often.

All the women adore all kinds of surprises and often dream for being surprised more often. Even a small, but unexpected box of chocolates will help them to feel loved and special. It’s not about an expensive gift, just show your concern and warmth. It’s not at all difficult, just be open, attentive and loving.


  • Women want men to be sincere and honest with them.

Everyone wants openness and sincerity from their partner, and in all situations. Honesty is what any woman expects from her man. Do not be afraid to tell the truth, even if it is not particularly pleasant, just be more tactful and diplomatic. Honestly expressed opinion is better than understatement, holy lie or outright lies. No one likes to be deceived.

  • Women also need a personal space

Sometimes we all need to be alone with ourselves. And we all should have personal things that are out of reach even for the closest people. It is a big mistake of a man  to try to control all the actions of a woman and restrict communication with her friends. Always remember that trust and understanding are the foundation for a strong relationship,


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