Wedding costumes around the world

Let’s continue the wedding theme. Before I talked about the traditions I will now talk about wedding costumes. White dress became fashionable and became an inseparable symbol of the wedding ceremony only in the XIX century thanks to Queen Victoria. She became the first woman to wear a white dress for her wedding. Prior to this momentous moment, women chose the outfit that matched the fashion of that era. Today it is rare to see a bride in something not white. However, in some nations, especially in Asia and Africa, young people prefer a national wedding suit.   In many countries, the wedding dress has preserved the signs of national traditions. This is manifested in color, style and details that correspond to customs and religious beliefs. Some brides decorate themselves with colorful clothes, others paint their hands with patterns appropriate to their culture, and some completely hide their faces behind layers of jewelry or veils. Now I will show you costumes of different nations of the world.


Indian Wedding



By the tradition, the wedding dress of the bride is sari, lenga choli (lehenga) or salvar kameez. The classic Indian wedding attire of the bride must be red, although sometimes others are found, for example, purple, burgundy, orange, golden and green.


Traditional wedding in Ghana


Traditional weddings in Ghana are often very colorful, and the wedding dresses of each family have their own pattern.


The Mongolian bride



For the traditional Mongolian wedding ceremony, the bride and groom wear what is known as Deel. Deel is a form of patterned clothing worn for many centuries by the Mongols and other nomadic tribes in Central Asia.

Japanese wedding



For a traditional Japanese wedding, the bride often wears a clean white kimono that symbolizes purity and maidenhood. After the ceremony, the bride can change into a red kimono symbolizing luck.

Goran’s Bride

Goran’s is one of the small nationalities of the Balkans. Gorans are Muslims by faith, but their traditions and customs contain various pagan elements.



Indonesian Wedding



Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands, so weddings here are very different depending on where people live and to which of the 300 ethnic groups they belong.

The Turkmen bride



In Turkmenistan, the traditional wedding ceremony involves a bride dressed in a red dress made of silk fabric with various silver and gilded ornaments.


Ethiopian Wedding



Ethiopia is the only country in Africa where Christianity is the official religion. Most Ethiopians belong to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. That’s why their weddings are very similar to Greek and Russian.




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